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2 years ago

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A few years ago I was on board the ferry Pont -Aven to England from northern Spain. It was, I thought, then a cross over approximately 20 hours. Some partners were in the bar area, shortly after redtubelive we met on board. That seemed to be the norm. Truckers have to fill quickly, so of course, left the next morning. It was around 3pm. I sat at a table sitting on the stage of the window when a hum woman, standing very tall and handsome, he had lost. Now it's easy to miss redtubelive the ferry, but now I use a lot asked me where I was trying to achieve? redtubelive She gave me her room number and there was more to cover two floors. then she went to look for all the guys at the bar. A minute later and asked again if maybe I could show the way. No problem, he said. If we have to cover here was her hut, she said she had separated from her husband. Oh, well, I thought, that is nott only. Damn.. We got into his car and entered it, thanks for the support. When I left the voice called " Thanks mate " s with an Australian accent. No problem, he said. I'm going up to the bar at a time, you can buy a beer? OK, I said. 20 or so came and introduced himself as Gary. We had a general chat over a beer and wondered where redtubelive his wife had received. He said he was taking a shower after a long journey from northern Portugal, where they had family gathering for a wedding. If you will join them later for a drink ? Drink only at night, so probably redtubelive not. After an hour, I excused myself and decided to take a shower and a nap before the night. Gary asked if I would like to his cabin after redtubelive a brandy. He said : Yes, when? say half an hour or less. Now blast was my nap, but I was very redtubelive excited to everyone back on the meeting with his wife. I said yes. Back in my cabin, which was with all the misconceptions and was heavy. A shower was theto respond. I changed and went to his cabin. When I knocked on the door of Gary responded with a Shhhhhh Lyne asleep. Should I come back later? No, he said going in. They had a four-berth cabin, four singles, two and two below. Lyne was sleeping in a bed upstairs. There was a small sofa bed Thaat changed if necessary. Lyne moved, and Gary asked for a glass of water, which continued to climb the stairs. What a fucking view I have a bare pussy, no hair or very little, since it is directly in front of me decending the stairs. Sorry, Gary said: Put some underwear on Lyne for the cause of Christ. He turned and redtubelive saw someone other than her husband in the cockpit. Hello, I said with a sly smile. I think it was then that I recognized from before. redtubelive Do not worry, I said that the view was fine. He disappeared into the small bathroom. I wondered if he should go, "No," said Gary, we have to take a little brandy. He was always a little drunk to say the least. When Lyne wasbehind the bathroom had a towel around her. Gary looked redtubelive at her and said, "Oh, on, if you do not mind :" You asked me a blowjob as thanks. Damn I did well. Best help that ever was. Lyne dropped his towel redtubelive and all I saw was the beauty is worth it. I searched his pants and stuck his cock rock hard. Standing there, Gary Lyne asked if he wanted to leave? No, they said, could be observed. The next ten minutes were a blur in my head. Lyne sucked like a vacuum, it was amazing. He stopped suddenly and sat next to Gary on the couch and spread her legs, fuck me, fuck me now.. I saw Gary and asked me to go further. I went in, but could not keep long. She knew I was going to explode inside her and went to shoot. "No, " she said, with me. I did exactly what I was too far. I could feel the cum running Lyne 's cunt and my balls. When I pulled Gary Lyne ordered to clean up after fucking her. What a sight. I was in the afternoon. Whated at night was
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